Emerging the Ozarks Day 12, MO

Leaving the Ozarks, timbered fields now home to cows. I couldn't pick just one song for the dusty roads.

Two calves were on the wrong side of the fence and became rather distraught when I slowed.

I found HIM! It just makes sense he'd live in the Ozarks. He was, after all, born in a barn.

This is Fort Davidson from the Civil War. Well, what's left of it. After the Federales lost bigtime to the Confederates, they blew the 20 tons of black powder under the fort to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This is the massive pit it left behind. Quite an amazing story.

Before St. Louis, I ran into the Missouri Mines State Historic Site. Rich history about metal mining from lead in Salem to iron in Ironton.

Power mines.

This is what's left of the processing facility.

Old mine electronics.

A mine door.

More mine shots.

Wait and go.

More rural before finding St. Louis in the night.