Floating the Current River Day 10, MO

I woke up to this rolling over Akers, MO. The Current River runs through it -- one of the Missouri Scenic Rivers.

100% leather.

Horse on a hill.

Apparently, you don't canoe a river -- you float it. I had a good float.

Stopping off at a bluff cove for lunch.

This was my view for 7 hours. Too bad some of it faded in and out of class 2 rapids...

Oh, look. A beautiful bluff. I'll follow the bluff fork rather than take the one away from the bluff...

Brilliant. A dead end.

At this point, there is a wrong answer.

Back on track floating.

Stopping at another gravel vista.

Watering their horses.

Black-eyed susans.

Rocks and trees were most of the ride.

Calmer waters.

This was the bus driver that dropped me off at Baptist miles upstream from Akers. By sheer luck, he was dropping off another set of floaters halfway at Cedar Grove. He helped me pull the canoe out to bypass the short falls and continued to explain about Salem, MO -- where he taught for over 20 years. There's a 1/10 chance that if you buy charcoal, it came from Salem. Lead mining, some cattle, and a thriving logging community keep the small town growing. I was intrigued. He was generous and helpful. I like Ozarks. However, notice my canoe in the background. Very try with my camera just sitting on top.

Ask me why, several hundred feet down river, all of my stuff is soaked with an equally soaked black dog.

Feet soaked, but at least no damage to the camera despite getting pretty wet.

Hours of this. Best 40 bucks I've spent this year.

Early fall, but beautiful colors.