Making Arkansas Day 8, AR

We'll see if I can find more of these in good shooting areas, but I really want to do a series on phonebooths. Here's one from Texas on my way out.


I'm definitely not a Californian. I prefer Whataburger. That's it. I said it. This exit had it all: stuff to shoot your meat, stuff to char your meat, and stuff to dry your meat. Mmmeat.

Boats belong in the water. This will return to haunt me.

In the back roads of Arkansas, I saw some of the FEMA fields. I'm not exaggerating when I say that there were 10,000's of trailers, for miles and miles in fields. There was still awe.

Backwoods roads.

Horses from Historic Washington State Park in Arkansas.

Ghost town gas.

An average small town in Arkansas carries a thousand or two people. Sometimes less. With little outside commercialism aside from McDonalds and WalMart, the focus really is on the town itself. Every town showed inspiring support the local high school football.

There's a lot of these in Arkansas.

Some see a forest for the trees. I see a buffet.