Texas State Fair Day 6, TX

The Texas State Fair embodies everything about Texas: big and fuel. Chevy was a major contributor to the fair, and hoisted actual autos onto the stage trusses. Chevy also did some very effective and creative marketing at the fair. Fair people come for food and rides. Chevy set up a test course for people to drive their new lineup. Everyone was doing it. Plus, if you wanted to drive the new Camaro, you first had drive one of the other models. I filled out a survey and got a free t-shirt...very important for road trips when you didn't pack much. After the survey, I was asked what size I wanted. I asked for medium. The gentleman behind the counter said this was Texas, the size options are large or extra-large. I should've known big Texas was defined in multiples of "large".

This is Big Tex himself. Beady eyes and a soft pointed chin resting atop a confusingly large chest cavity actually modeled the cowboy Texan quite well. Texans even stand that tall.

Rides at the fair. There was a 70% chance of rain with thunderstorms. I willed the rain to stay up. Not a drop hit me all day.

Temperatures were in the upper 80's coupled with high humidity. Every time I tried to ante up the courage to try the Fried Butter, I threw up a little in my mouth. I did get the fried bacon, but just couldn't follow it though.

How fried butter works: freeze the butter and cake it heavily with breading.

The auto show made up a significant portion of the fair. Chevy let you drive pneumatic simulators for their new Raptor line of F150 trucks.

He had no body. He did have the wits for the job though.

I want a haircut like this.

Ballers and big money.

Fair food and fair kids.

What wouldn't be Texas without an American in front of a John Deer tractor?

Headbutts in the petting zoo.

My little pony: now on Medicare.

I hope he works in sales. Something like women's personals or cowboy hats. I would buy two.

Texans make big poops. While most thought this was an amusement ride, it was actually a sign for the bathrooms.

Rides at the fair.

Spinning at the fair is the only way to keep all of the fried oils from bubbling up into your brainstem.

Chocolate chip cookies around cookies-and-cream ice cream. Best 5 bucks at the fair.

You win prizes. That's how it works.

No one wondered how the stuffed banana got a smile.