Sniper Flash

The sirens sounded. A prisoner had escaped. Searchlights scoured the house. There it was. Cowering in the corner, the toaster had surrendered, waving a single slice of bread into the air.

The dogs yelped. The police froze as the searchlights grew closer. The toaster wasn't armed, as far they could tell, but it wasn't alone. No one was going to forget any unnecessary precautions.

The toaster came out willingly. Reporters clamored for more quickly while police apprehended the fugitive. Asked why it did it -- why it fled -- the toaster could only look longingly at the bread-maker it had left behind. They had a good thing going, it was known. They counterfeit bread and toast to their success. Now the jig was up. The story was over.

The narrator stepped back slowly into the darkness. Tune in next time...

... for the Sniper Flash! Dun dun dunnnnn (and after a few hours, done!)

The Sniper Flash is still drying. I'm not sure if the rubber bands will be permanent, but they glue is definitely not dry yet. It fastens to the flash unit with velcro straps.

The interchangeable tubes adjust the size of the aura without adjusting the brightness.