Cleveland Afoot

Grab your purse, Renee. We's going to the big city!

This is the parking lot under Tower City. Droves drive to watch basketball and fancy eats, but on a cloudy day so rained in December, it wasn't hard to find space for parking and walking. We were touring Cleveland, checking on the old buildings and bridges.

Even towers leak.

I can only assume that this was King Midas before he gained his touching sensation -- otherwise his plane may have had a harder time gaining flight.

Higher towers than the city of towers.

We browsed through the Christmas leftovers. Eager for deals, we didn't find much that cost money worth money. Our fun was a good walk.

Taking photobooth pictures without the booth in front of the golden elevator.

Every city struggles with homelessness. Some are forced to address missing jackets as well.

The old May Company building doesn't host many Mays these days. It seems more like an October event these days, even in winter.

A spot of Cleveland on Euclid Ave.

Most pedestrians obey the unmarked dont walk sign into this foreboding alley after hours. It would be quite a donting walk.

Stripes and solids inside and out.

The Arcade as it stands now. Or at least then, December of 2008.

This reinforced glass ceiling hasn't been broken despite weathering women's suffrage, civil liberties, and the latest movements in gay rights.

How can you not want to cross streets in Cleveland when these people are waiting for you on the other side?

Sometimes happens.

Church in the park downtown.

When you're ever in a hurry, you can always take a B-Line straight here, every 10 minutes.

The Cleveland pigeons practice football formations for next season.