San Francisco Day 4

Crossing the Bay Bridge on our way to Muir Woods:

The Muir Woods National Monument is filled with coastal redwoods and giant sequoias:

200 feet tall, these trees demanded respect:

The base of a redwood tree:

This picture defined "green".

I finally figured out how to shorten up the shutter speed by first focusing towards the heavy fog above and then lowering the camera for the shot. This is a fairly accurate picture of the actual lighting:

This one is a bit darker than actual:

Amazingly tall, they always grow straight up:


The main path:

Tons of mosses everywhere:

Angled trees from where the ground shifted:


A fallen tree:

The best actual lighting of the woods:

Tons of trees on a 2-mile hike we took:

The path was quite a climb. Here are some tree tops rooted far below:

A delicate meal:

Weird red petals lay strewn about the street:

Mr. Munchies first gave us change for the meter when we arrived. He encouraged us to take free samples while in his store. When politely asked, "What would you recommend," Mr. Munchies fired "It's a candy store! Take a free sample!" We were then quite obligated to stock up for the rest of the trip on every variety of salt-water taffy he supplied.

After a few wrong streets to get to the bridge vista on the northern shore, we finally climbed a steep hill that peaked out over the bay and city. This was a staggering view not only because of the awesome scenery, but also the heavy gusts the almost knocked us over. The city in the background here:

The whole bridge:

A closer view of the city from our vantage:

One gust tore the Muir Woods pamphlet out of my back pocket and passed a goal-tending stud who tried to field the map for us. Luckily it crashed into a bush just after the crest of the hill. I was happy.

Finally we crossed the bay bridge again and headed home for a long drive down the route 5 until early in the morning. Leaving the city, sun broke clear of the clouds and fog: