Matt and Aunt Jean Day 3, Zoo

The wild koala beat its hardened chest and howled at the midday moon. The San Diego Zoo was next on the Matt and Aunt Jean ultimate road tour. Koalas agreed.

Aunt Jean snapping her way to stardom.

Little did we know that it was FREE MUSTACHE Day at the zoo. I was the first to enlist, gently leaning peer pressure until Aunt Jean followed suit. Matt, however, wore his the best.

Due to religious reasons, the pandas were not able to participate in free mustaches.

Meerkat waiting for a meermouse to eat for meersnack.

Have you seen this face?

HEllo. We are not food. We like food. Please send us fancy cat food that comes in cans and is served in 50-year crystal. Send it care of the zoo, addressed to hungry meerkat me.

You'all got some nice potato chips. How about you'all share some of you'all food with me'all. Me'all pretty hungry down here.

I can only assume he is a patron because there was no cage to confine.

Matt was astounded that more people did not participate in free mustache day.

After a day of shooting picture, we couldn't figure out why the camera had a mustache, too.

She is quite attractive through elephant eyes.

I'm just fine with this picture and fence. More fence would have been fine, too. I know I'm tasty.

Some vague comment about Aunt Jean and 12,000 years.

Wheeling and dealing with the fossil archetype keepers.

If you've ever wanted to kiss a bearded lady, this may be your closest opportunity.

This is how serious they took their fun. No cream. No sugar.

This duck answered to Hank Jr. Candice! I think this was his offspring!

I just knew Aunt Jean would love the Spanish Village Art center. Matt and I enjoyed the cool breeze while Aunt Jean breezed through the studios.

No, she was not permitted to take pictures of the vendor's yarns. The colors and textures were too much for Aunt Jean to pass. She bought 3 skeins of yarn and painted lady green with her envy turned flattery. She was allowed to take the pictures once it was understood she wouldn't be a yarn competitor in the San Diego area.

She also bought a bag of sheep clippings to yarn herself. She was a serious fan.

Air Matt blocks the shot.

I helped the sculpture with a boost towards the net.