Matt and Aunt Jean Day 2, Torrey Pines

He needed a parachute.

Matt wanted to paragliding at the world famous Torrey Pines glider port. He jumps off a cliff and the updraft keeps the fun going for 20 minutes until the cabbie of the air sets him land-side with a full meter. All that Matt had to do was sit back and flap his arms in case of emergency.

Every instructor has taken years to learn the ropes -- or rather, the strings. At least 80% of all those who go up come down safely. The other 20% just don't come down, belying the law and gravitation.

Aunt Jean signed a plethora of disclaimers on behalf of Matt. Yes, there were health risks. Yes, there were risks to property. Matt had lead a full life. There he sat with his head in the clouds.

Matthew Lee. Party for 1. In the sky.

On a beautiful south coast morning, Aunt Jean gave Matt the thumbs up to go jump off a cliff.

The rest of us mortals get to watch from picnic benches on the tail of the runway. No cost. Hard to argue with a south coast view like this -- not to mention you don't have to catch wind of the bodies stacked 40 feet below. Of course, by bodies stacked 40 feet below, I mean those safely naked on the beach just letting the sun shine.

With camera in hand, Matt was ready for his sky safari.

As Aunt Jean stepped out closer towards the runway, she was glad Matt wore clean underwear.

Advocates of "safety first", the flight crew donned the latest in extra-cranial protective gear. The tricky part then became ensuring that you fall headfirst to keep your head safe. Or something akin to that.

This isn't the latest in back-to-school apparel -- this is a portable lazyboy. The mount housed the emergency chute and offered a comfortable seat for the ride. No, it cannot also be used as a flotation device, Matt learned.

These neon testlines would be all that kept the fun on the up and up. Dangling by a thread through the heavens is definitely a man thing.

"Naw, dude, at least, whoa, -- do you ever get those moments when you just space, and the space is, just, like, man, out there? We are going to be so, high, man. Buckle up, compadre dude, we're going to set this whole thing on fire".


T-1 minute to takeoff.

"Wait! I ordered an aisle seat!"

The pair tethered themselves to the clouds directly and edged their way to the cliff.

And they're up!

And they're up!

And they're UP!

Even the west skies had heavy traffic for the afternoon commute.

Riding on the clouds, Matt had a great view of Torrey Pines golf course. He could even hear the metallic clip of golfers teed off.

Matt soaring over the La Jolla coastline.

One of the benefits of a backseat driver, Matt had the full view.

Oh, don't worry, we all were this jealous when we saw him flying overhead again.

The good news is that all of the pilots were working very hard to ensure a short wait for new customers. Unfortunately, that came at the expense of existing fliers, who's 20 minutes turned much closer to 15 than justifiable. Still, we felt that this experience was ample preparation for Matt's true 15 minutes of heightened fame -- whenever that happens.

There were no tears goodbye. Both USHPA members shook hands with the secret club handshake and parted ways. Matt was one of them now.


After soaring to such great heights, we enjoyed a nice afternoon with one of Aunt Jean's BOOBs. For those new to the virtual optometry collectives, the Bodacious Online Optometry Babes are an exclusive consortium for all things eyes, children, and musings. These two BOOBs met for the first time in person and were quick to catch up over the latest iPhone applications. Two BOOBs alright.

She was just hanging out, already saturated in the Calfornian lifestyle again, but, more importantly, on vacation. Say cheese.

Honestly, it was a ring toss game. Here's Matt lining up his shot from downtown.

After a great dinner at Stone Brewery, no one anticipated that this is what they meant by going out to catch some tube.

Ms. Little Runway Model, 2009. Fellas, beware.

Some weren't enthused when the rain crept up.

Matt was stuffed after dinner. He went with his own kind.

Matt and girl and blur.

Matt is an excellent reader. He's already mastered reading books from the front. This summer he's been working on the latest in extreme reading: zero angle. ZA reading enables youths to see how close to the page horizon they can still read and recognize text for speed and content. Matt's currently below 10 degrees, which is the high school minimum for reading with your head on the desk. He's so advanced for his age. Collegiate ZA reading further pushes the envelop closer to the event horizon through hangover compensation. Check your local library for more details.

I couldn't believe the bee did that, either. Riveting.

That's it? Where's the robots? The dinosaurs? Just wait until he blogs about it.

Twin rivalry with no clear advantage.

Matt explained the latest in iPhone applications.

"Yes, but do you really feel as if the iPhone development base has addressed the true social needs of our time when SAT writing scores are plummeting at the expense of device proficiency?" She had a point.

Aunt Jean wants more fun. More FUN! Great day, though.