Matt and Aunt Jean Day 1, Old Town

When My Favorite Aunt Jean (TM) decides to take a trip, she goes all out: all out of the state, that is. She and Matt were touring all of California, starting off with her Favorite Nephew Lucas (TM) and working her way north. One of our first stops was Old Town, where Aunt Jean flexed her photographic memory. Of course the photographic memory was a flash card inside her camera, but she still flexed it convincingly.

This is roughly what she was picturing. Day 1 of Aunt Jean and Matt on the premises and already I have no clue what's coming next. We took the long way down to Old Town via La Jolla Cove beach to introduce the Ohioans to the Pacific Ocean. We know Aunt Jean's itinerary, but what would poor Matt do during his SoCal experience? He could surf. He could play a round at Torrey Pines. He could snorkel. The list went on. That night, we brainstormed over margaritas. I think so long as he didn't need a parachute, Aunt Jean would support Matt's whim for an ultracool vacation experience. What would it be... we couldn't picture.