Farming in Aurora

April does not like waking up early... not even for an afternoon lunch at BW3s. She kept mumbling something about just ten more minutes mom, over and over.

Wakey wakey! Clocky in the clocky! Oh my it's now online for the world to see!

Uh oh. I may be in trouble. Why don't we all go to Aurora Farms outlet stores to nab some great post-holiday shopping deals? You can sit up front.

Look who WE found at the farm: Candice! That may be her first diet Coke she's ever had to drink.

Mom, Candice, and April united as one condensed glob of women.

What a surprise: silly time!

April pretending to be an urban vogue model in a dazzling array of accessories and high contrast. The more I look at this one the more I like it. Best in show.

April was disappointed to see that the sale did not include the three white "NO" signs. Apparently, there are no edible underwear. There are no hemp clothes. There is no fur. Why bother having a sale?

Who's job is it to issue individual duck and goose permits for authorized Aves?

Candice is a sucker for a hungry duck.

This duck didn't want any of her food. He was just happy to see her again. Candice has a longstanding relationship with amiable ducks, and I think he was speechless at the celebrity sighting.

Ecologically correct ducks all going green for conservationism. Everyone does their part.