Mount Soledad Day 3

April had yet to encounter a southern California sunset. Today we did. It was pretty brisk this late in this day from Mount Soledad, but April was bundled and happy to stare into the sun even though her teachers recommended otherwise.

OK. Now, look away. The sun is too bright, and you're even cooler if you pretend the sunset isn't anything special.

April at the cross. She can't go any higher.

The wind was REALLY picking up now. This wasn't jetstreams across nimble Lake Erie; these were gusts fueled from deep within the Pacific Ocean. I think April's smile was stuck from the previous picture. Thaw!

She probably didn't want this picture online. Her hair attacked her.

Greetings from California, version 3.

Another day she let get away from California. How much more vacation can she stand to endure!? I bet April wanted to go back about now. Too much good stuff.