Adam's Ave without the Driving

Is a folk festival celebrating the music or the folk? In more organic settings there's a spectrum witnessed from some some standout people and standout music, but the rest just sits in an idle blend where the folk and music just coexist as mild appreciators in context. In more organic settings the garbage isn't litter, but a hurled apple into the woods for some lucky deer to discover. In more organic settings the day passes on it's own whim, and the songs don't stop just because the music's over. San Diego is not an organic setting, and music harps on estranged fiction of country roads, hard roads, and low roads. In San Diego, a folk festival is a people march. These are American folk. This is where folk charge to watch whales and experiment with the latest in pink and camouflage hats. Roll the ugliness.

This guy was trying to coax a little someone to sit next to him and wiggle just a little. Those arms, those hands -- the green can couldn't help but nudge a little closer to garner his attention to her trashy thoughts.

Sometimes, life sucks. Sometimes, you have to suck life.

Honestly, though, commuting by vacuum cleaner actually reduces fuel emissions by 99.97% when used in conjunction with a HEPA filter. It also tidies up any carbon footprints left on the carpet and helps to casually undo those stray ends damaged by excessive blow-drying.

Honestly, I'm fine with the hat. The little doggie board shorts and tank top are just swell. But I would rather trade in my checkerboard cap than actually fish out a puppy pizzle to complete the Californian sailor outfit.

Stop me if you've heard this one, but 3 adults and an iguana are line dancing when this guy all dressed in red and seven and nobody's business suddenly... oh -- so you have heard this one. I won't waste your time.

Folk stars shined among the dark grass like a clear night -- until a tie-dyed meteor shuffled them all like someone fumbling for a quarter in a pocket of nickels.

No matter how the hands tried to restrain themselves -- be them clasped firmly against knotty knees, interlaced, or folded into a full cross -- there was no way to stop a toe from tapping. I think this is why we did away with the opposable toe that further separated us from the remainder of the kindgom d'animal.

No food!? No drink!? I was so angry, I shot him the bird. The bird smiled back a beaky grin.

Honestly, they're more scared of you than you are of them. I wonder if her Starbucks fanclub meetings ever overlap with her subscription to the non-conformist guild. I wonder if other non-conformists wear that shirt. I wonder if he fights for good or for lightning mutton chops awareness. I wonder if there's any possible better picture to welcome Kat standing against the tree in the background. I'm done wondering now -- you can continue, I'll figure it out later.

He plays defense for the home team when they're away -- only, he needs a manager and doesn't actually find anything offensive.

Actually, he was just folk enjoying folk by dancing through the crowd all afternoon. He was care free recently reunited with his pocket towel. Now, he didn't want you back for the weekend. Not back for a day, no no no. He said baby I just want you back and I want you to stay.

He danced a contageous jig for anyone not vaccinated against a heady groove. Rock on, buddy.

They really didn't want the babysitter to teach Dustin any new tricks. They also really didn't want Lady to get any ideas and teach Dustin any new tricks. I wonder how long that could last.

Joy is a handmade belly dancer when you have no other clouds for shade.