Going Out for Gas

One day in the heat of winter, Lucas, Candice, and April decided to get gas in Candice's car. April was a puppy happy to be out of the house and Candice was driven crazy. Quick! Out!

I'm sure this is some rare form of sisterly love.

April practices her babydoll face in the backseat. She is not enthused that I just took 40 pictures of this same pose.

Candice drives through a rainbow.

Ice cream deliciousness -- where all of your delight fantasies can come true, so long as they encompass soft serve and/or children.

Candice LOVES the price of cheap gas!

She also demonstrates good gassing posture when fueling a young car. Young cars can be particularly difficult when it comes to fueling time, particularly if they are cranky or had recently woke from a nap. First, make the fueling experience fun. Pretend to be an airplane trying to land in an airplane hanger. Make a silly propeller noise to distract the car. Once the nozzle is in, reinforce the nozzle by applying a light pressure to reduce any gasoline spit up the car may attempt. Finally, always ensure that the car has been properly burped. I don't know how to do that, but Candice knows all about burping in general, so I'm sure she knows.