San Francisco Day 2

We decided to spend the day in Santa Cruz to enjoy the afternoon before the big sailboat ride Uncle Keith promised. Late morning we found free parking and quickly made our first stop in town:

The locals live up to the bohemian skew that colors the town. Priorities, through, drove us to the bay, pier, and famous boardwalk. Not far out we saw seals navigating the calm waters:

The boardwalk from the pier:

Along the pier several sea lions were crowding the lower docks. Loud, big, and rude, these beasts had attitude:

More town:

A woman was catching her fill of anchovies. Another bucket was filled with wild ice cream she caught earlier that morning to fill some disturbed craving:

Across the bay:

A cool car on the pier on a weekday:

Sea lions also either climbed or rode a tide up onto the pier supporting rafters:

Gulls abound:

Shooting the bird:

A lighthouse at the westward end of the bay:

Back along the pier:

A vent:

The boardwalk:

Driving up we had an experience through the garlic capital of the world currently seated in Gilroy. Coos of endearment interrupted our conversation while we entered Gilroy the night before, mildly interested to visit a town crowned for garlic; that is, until the wind changed and the truck was overtaken with the intense smell of hundreds of acres of garlic. We quickly gassed the truck and ordered fast food to go as we drove for cleaner air. This stand was one of the many outlets for the Gilroy garlic throughout the area:

A coastal coaster:

A train:

A family deserted on a deserted isle:

Back to the truck, a feel for the town of Santa Cruz:

To compete with a rival Lee's sandwich shop, Lee*s owner had to get creative:

The life:

On the east side of the port, this was a law office with an ocean overlook. I can't imagine much law getting done around there:

Having climbed the rocks of the channel, the lighthouse and seagull in harmony:

Beached boats don't sail well:

Everyone looks good in front of a beach:

More rocks:

The rabbit leaving the channel:

Seabright beach:

Western side of the harbor:

Giant jacks keep the waves at bay:

The lighthouse channel coming soon to a local network:

The harbor:

A woman leaves her dog:


Just don't expect me to thread a rope around a boat. Apparently I missed a railing and we couldn't let one of the sails out. While two folk held the sail down, I hastily whipped another bowline outside of the rail this time.

Last place in the race:

More knot problems.

To sea what we can see:

I took a turn for a while:

Deb's eye again:

"This is your captain speaking..."

Navigating by the stars:

Wind in my sails, feeling good:

Uncle Keith not looking so good:

The sunset looking real good as we finally emerged from the heavy fog setting in:

"Uncle Keith, on which side should I pass an oncoming boat?" "He's a ways away, just steer right at him and make him nervous a bit."


After the ride it became horribly cold as we dropped sails and Uncle Keith parked the boat. Good intentions led to the hilariously worst pictures of the whole trip: