San Francisco Day 1

While the rest of San Diego packed their cars and beaches this past Labor Day 2006, Deb and I were hard at work planning a road trip up to San Francisco airing Tuesday morning through late Friday the remainder of the week. At the last minute we made plans to stay with Deb's friend Sarah volunteering near Berkeley, and gas prices fell just slightly to encourage our northern flow. Even the La Jolla skies that night seemed to glow with excitement:

Tuesday morning we threw our bags into the bed of the truck and rode the 5 north through LA and picked up the 101 to get closer to the coast. Once the smog cleared and the coast was clear, we edged closer to the infamous route 1 that traces the Californian shores all of the way up to San Francisco.

We stopped to gas and a picnic lunch on a hidden beach behind the Bacara hotel above Santa Barbara. Apparently Kevin Costner was married at this hotel. The secluded beach definitely ranked among the best I've traipsed:

The pathways leading back to the road.

A few more hours on the route 1 led us to an Elephant Seal Vista. We were somewhat disappointed though only to find Elephant Squoils:

VERY friendly Elephant Squoils:

Where the seals should have been:

Sadly, I didn't see an Elephant Seal the whole trip. After Deb and I returned to the truck, she mentioned in retrospect that it might have helped for me to open my eyes. She's always thinking....

A long way down:

Light fog and cool air:

After some peculiar traffic stops, the fog cleared and vistas began to live up to their name:

Our good friend Cliff:

It was very bright:

The northern side of the same vista:

We apparently missed a whale sighting, or perhaps Big Foot.