Ma in CA Day 7, Old Town

Old Town was an obvious excursion with Mom. The history and the good food were fine reasons enough, but the craftsmen and artists on the weekend was a further draw. How could you not return such buoyant smiles?

Dressed to kill...or at least as if you were killed.

Old Town keeps those brights bright by using the leading brand of doily detergent.

Old town is home to some of the top Mexican restaurants in San Diego. A heaping serving of atmosphere is included free with every entree.

My, he's attractive.

We couldn't get a break from the clouds. Still, we did manage to get a "windblown" shot while in the area.

Mom being attacked by the paparazzi.

Those are some really fat...dresses. Yup. Those are some of the fattest dresses around.

Deb had to peel out for her softball game, but Mom was very eager to dig into her food.

I wonder where I get blue eyes from?

Earthware really does start with mud and clay.

Woo hoo! She's having a good time!

While Deb was at her softball game, Mom and I hung around town. This bench wasn't the most comfortable, but it was plenty ripe for sitting.

NO! I will NOT give up my lolly! It's my lolly, you hear me!