Ma in CA Day 3, La Jolla

Mom has a cloud that follows her. It's a legion of clouds. Heavy low clouds and high pastel clouds -- they all flock overhead no matter where she goes. Even going west to California, they battled the air currents to meet her there. Sure it was early in gray may, but out of the blue, quite literally, the clouds met her before I picked her up at the airport. Even today, when we took a trip to La Jolla, the clouds dropped in to say hello. She was happy, though, to see the ocean and the waves, and it had been a long time since I had enjoyed them myself.

Looking over pelicans and the cove.

Pelicans preening and waiting for dinner. Doing what they do before dinner. Preening and waiting.

She had to borrow my jacket because she dressed for San Diego. Too bad she landed in Seattle.

Looking out a cafe for some coffee.

Seals galore out on the rocks. Two managed a high perch against the cresting waves...

...but only one would survive the blast.

A lazy day on the rock.

Seagulls waiting for seals to visit with fish, pizza, and cold ones.

Stop touching my rock!

We even played in the tidepools. I wore my floaties, just in case.

She was ready to move in.

After walking the coast for a long stretch, we sat on a bench to listen to the waves and gander at the gulls.

Beautiful purple blossoms covered the coast's overgrowth. A little girl ensured the sand didn't stray too far into the ocean.