Lucas Lee makes a fat splash.

: Dinner last night: bison ribs, gnocchi gratin, and sous-vide carrots. A grill would've made the ribs better, but everything else went over alright. Oh yea, did I mention baked rosemary-peaches with vanilla cream? Those weren't bad, either. : Heavy Box: 1. Lucas: 0. Too bad boxes don't have toes -- this could have been a fair fight. : Bad Idea Number 1 for the week: buying a whole leg of lamb and eating almost a whole leg of lamb in one sitting. Bahahahd idea. : Can Baroness make an imperfect album? That still has yet to be determined... Yellow and Green is my favorite summer listen so far. : Imagine Dragons are contention for the best summer songs of the west coast. It's time, alright. : Some new random photos here on the main page and a special trip to Joshua Tree in the works. I'm also going to streamline some of the parade photos because 120 photos is just way too many for one series. I wonder if anyone looks at these anymore... : After months of struggling with color calibration issues, photos are finally falling out in clips and squeaks and buckets. Metric units of course. : Trying to gain momentum on some smaller pictures. There's a few big trips from the summer (Utah and Venice Beach) in the queue. Now the queue just needs a pipesnake to get stuff out... : Updates big and small. The mystery weekend has been unmasked and some odds and ends are up. Well, at least the good ends are up. : I think the whole Candice visit is now online. It was almost as fun reliving it as living it the first time. I think this will stick with us for a long while. There's some more little postings I have in mind to keep writing nimble. Wait and see.

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